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ESL Premiership Season 2 – the final!

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We are Torpedo

“We started Torpedo because we wanted to build an organisation that we’d want to play for.

We wanted to be more than just friends, we wanted to create a family.

Torpedo is a place for players to truly grow.”

Cassius Kiani, CMO

Torpedo Smite SPL team

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Consisting of Ness, BoarControl, Jambre and Raven - some of the UK’s most talented players.

Gears of War

Gears of War

Consisting of five of the most commited Gears players in UK, based in a gaming house in Sheffield.


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Gangs of New SMOrc

The Murlocs have been fed, the golem oiled and the potions brewed. Now Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is firmly entrenched…


Hitting the streets in the new expansion

The next HS expansion (Mean Streets of Gadgetzan) is coming in a matter of days. Although I’m given to understand…


Dreamhack Winter is Coming

Thursday 24th November sees our Hearthstone team back in Jönköping for Dreamhack Winter, this time with the addition of Jambre,…


ESL Premiership Season 2 – the final!

Sunday 13th November - members of the UK’s Hearthstone elite converged on the ESL studios in Leicester to compete in…


UK Masters – Week 5

Outside of the ESL UK Premiership, BoarControl faced another challenge in the way of the UK Masters, facing both Pesty…


Torpedo acquires Marfach

'We're really excited to be re-entering console esports with Marfach. We've always been big fans of GoW and we're really looking…